Pineal Gland DMT – A Pathway to Psychic Abilities

pineal_gland_activation Some modern-day researchers believe that the pineal gland, a small pine-cone shaped organ, situated in the middle of the brain, acts like an antenna for the soul. In fact, 17th Century French philosopher, Rene Descartes, believed the pineal gland was the “seat of the soul” and that it played an essential role in a soul’s expression. This mysterious gland may also hold the key for opening a hidden pathway to incredible multi-dimensional communication and psychic abilities.

The pineal gland especially intrigued me after a friend revealed how a head injury she suffered in 2000 completely changed her life. By that I mean, suddenly seeing and communicating with deceased family members, telekinetic ability causing objects to fly across the room when emotionally distraught, a psychic all-knowing about details of stranger’s lives, and an overall feeling like she was losing her mind. At the time, my friend was a high-powered executive for a multi-national corporation. Her life-changing event occurred while she was leaving work. Upon getting into her car, she accidentally misjudged head clearance and hit her forehead so hard on the door frame, that she almost lost consciousness. I’ve done it myself, leaving me with only a nasty bump and no permanent damage, but her injury was so severe it caused her to bleed both internally and externally.

As she related the story, I could see it all happening in slow motion in my mind’s eye. I saw her pineal gland (or third eye)PinealBlue had been pierced from the direct impact and a substance that was not blood, flooded into her blood stream. Without knowing how, I was certain it was the natural compound or simple molecule called DMT (N,N-Dimenthyltryptamine). Sometimes I know before I understand, an after effect of my own near-death experience in 2003, so I did some quick research to find out why I was so certain it was DMT which caused my friend to start moving heavy tables around a room without the aid of human hands.

Dr. Rick Strassman, the leading researcher and author in the field of DMT, calls it “the spirit molecule.” Strassman is sort of the DMT Timothy Leary of our day. His research experiments with volunteers receiving plant-based DMT injections for consciousness exploration are fascinating. While his subjects reported a wide range of experiences, from alien encounters to visiting other dimensions where the natives don’t seem hell bent on killing each other (like Earth), no where in Strassman’s work does he address DMT’s possible role in the onset of elevated psychic ability due to head injury. In fact, I could not find anything on the Internet linking these two variables—other than  mainstream science’s acceptance of the fact that head injury can bring on some very strange and unexplainable psi abilities.

My friend describes her post-head injury experience as if there was “no veil” or filters between this world and the next—something I’ve seen in Schizophrenic patients. Does DMT flooding do this? No one knows why the pineal gland produces DMT and what its true function really is. Yes, it’s a chemical that elicits dreams, influences melatonin production, and even sleep/wake cycles. But, oddly enough, DMT is also the most potent psychedelic known to man and our brain produces it every day. That’s what one might call a real “head trip.”

What is DMT doing in our bodies? This naturally produced narcotic can be found in human urine, cerebrospinal fluid and our brain tissue. DMT is the simplest of the tryptamine psychedelics and closely related to serotonin. Unlike other mind-altering drugs, the brain likes DMT and actively transports it across the blood-brain barrier into its tissues. Japanese researchers discovered it is the only psychedelic drug the brain “hungrily” accepts like some kind of “brain food.”  You have got to be asking yourself—what was the intelligent design behind placing a veritable psychedelic drug dispensary in our head?

The relationship between the pineal gland and DMT is intriguing. The human pineal gland is visible in a developing fetus at seven weeks, or 49 days, after conception. This is when male and female gender is determined in the embryo. An interesting correlation is Tibetan Buddhists believe 49 days is the time required for a soul to reincarnate to the next life. Strassman reveals there are important life events when DMT plays a key role:

“When our individual life force enters our fetal-body, the moment in which we become truly human, it passes through the pineal and triggers the first primordial flood of DMT.”

As with conception, this flooding of DMT occurs again at birth. When we die, our life force passes through the pineal gland again, releasing the final flooding of DMT. Strassman likens DMT to a “spirit molecule” but maybe it’s really a spiritual transport fluid for human evolution and/or dimensional transition. This would explain why DMT is elevated in the brain during peak spiritual as well as near-death experiences.

With respect to head trauma induced psychic abilities, perhaps the DMT release valve in the brain is stuck on “free-flow,” thinking its in a chronic death release spiral and, due to injury, doesn’t know how to stop flooding the system with “transport oil.” This is why psychic abilities are permanent in those with head trauma versus symptoms that quickly wear off within hours after a plant-based DMT injection.

Medical doctors are quick to prescribe anti-psychotics to those exhibiting such symptoms. My friend encountered the same mental health thinking.  Today, she is still “off the charts” psychic, yet not on any medication and still high functioning. She has learned to accept and work with her new abilities through grounding techniques and uses her special gifts to help others.

I’ve always wondered if people naturally born with psi abilities have enlarged pineal glands to start versus the shrunken calcified ones the majority of people have due to hybrid foods, synthetic chemicals, GMOs and the multitude of toxins that pervade our daily life. The Ancient Egyptians were known for their practices of enhancing the growth of their pineal glands. This tells us that the pineal gland, as we now know it, is not being fully utilized. If it were, perhaps we would all be psychically tuned in to each other and the very Source of all Creation.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God.

The Spirit Molecule


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  1. Brian Clarke
    Brian Clarke says:

    Thank you Kathy, I recently read Richard Strassman,s work ‘DMT and the Soul of Prophecy’, but have not gone any further with it, DMT being disallowed in Australia, and my reluctance to experiment personally with chemicals anyway.
    But I was wondering if the Beings in the Eighth Dimension might be persuaded to provide us with a DMT-algorithms program for inducing/increasing psychic abilities into T8 users, if they feel this to be permissible at our present stage of evolution?
    Much might depend upon each individual.
    Love and Light,

  2. Ian Stephens
    Ian Stephens says:

    Very intriguing, I had a severe head injury as a 3 year old and I have always felt that it has strongly affected my life even though I am not disabled. I get dejavu, I get coincidental occurrences. Your statement assists me. Regards, ian

  3. Jane
    Jane says:

    After reading this article I’m wondering if I have enough DMT fluid. The reason this causes me anxiety is because three years ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and from the moment I started using CPAP therapy I stopped dreaming which makes me sad…

    • CJ
      CJ says:

      I understand, Jane. I have always had VERY VIVID dreams. People visit me in my dreams and give me their testimonials, full names, and addresses included. My vivid dreams stopped with cpap also. Recently, tho, they have come back…several a night, since I moved up in elevation and have been having o2 problems. There is definitely a connection.

  4. Jacqueline
    Jacqueline says:

    I have not ( until now ) put it together that the hard lick I had on my forehead when I was under three years old, standing up in the seat of my parent’s car and my father hit the brakes suddenly, I busted my forehead on the windshield. That resulted in medical attention and a long scar on my forehead that to this day is still very visible. I begin to see Spirits before age five years old, I believe it was age four and my abilities for psychic and mediumship abilities are and always were very high. I suppose the hard hit on my forehead could be the connection I never put together. All these years, I hate the scar and now I realize it may be what makes me, me. I always wear a bang to cover it completely. I realize no way to know at this point if the hit was the cause, but I didn’t consider that hard knock in any way, part of the equation, until now. Thank you for posting and opening up my other eyes!!

    • Tanya
      Tanya says:

      Golden light to the pineal with pineal activation as the music.Maybe add brain boost and forehead, and of course, your intention is key. The radiant rose group in Canada uses high amounts of melatonin to activate the pineal.

  5. judy ribeira
    judy ribeira says:

    My son died of cancer I was with him when he passed and I saw bright colors rippling inside his face he was holding his breath. The colors were florisent green , yellow, orange, and pinkish. His face was transparent. I was very close to my son we loved each other greatly heartfelt love pure. My daughter was there and she did not see anything. When he released his last breath the colors seemed to go out the top of his head. He was with me for many days after his death, as different things occurred. Can anyone explain what I saw at his death. I believe it was his spirit and soul leaving his body.we are Christians and believe in Jesus Christ.


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