A Psychological View of Trump, Hillary, Bernie and Cruz

Candidate-CollageThis may be the most interesting, volatile, corrupt, and dangerous presidential election the People of the United States may ever witness. It is also a test indicating our  level of spiritual awareness in choosing a leader. Will our choice support helping lift humanity into the next dimensional level, or bring a great country down even further. We have reached the perennial fork in the road, which determines our collective soul development. Who we choose as the next Democratic or Republican presidential candidate will ultimately seal our fate.

The question is which key character traits should we embrace in selecting our next leader and whether any of the top four candidates possess any of those qualities? To help in the process, I have compiled a list of well-established leadership criteria culled from the Character Counts Organization:

  1. TRUSTWORTHINESS/HONESTY – Don’t mislead or withhold key information. Don’t cheat or steal.
  2. SHOW RESPECT – Be tolerant and accepting of differences. Use good manners, not bad language. Be considerate of the feelings of others. Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone. Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements. Obey the laws and show respect for authority.
  3. SHOW INTEGRITY – Stand up for your beliefs about right and wrong. Be your best self and resist social pressure to do wrong for personal gain. Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes.
  4. BE FAIR & CARING – Play by the rules. Be open-minded. Listen to others versus blaming them. Treat people with kindness and compassion. Protect the environment and the country you serve.

Let’s start with DONALD TRUMP. You don’t have to be a seasoned psychologist to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Trump fits the classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder spectrum which, unfortunately, there is no cure for. The world revolves around these people’s needs. They don’t care about rules unless, of course, they are the one that made them. You see this disorder quite often in very powerful male CEOs.

Narcissists, like Trump, have exaggerated feelings of self-importance and grandiosity. They crave admiration, power, and usually lack feelings of empathy towards the real needs of others. They can act like they care (and be very convincing at it), but unless it fits their own self-gain and agenda, they don’t waste their time. They are the arrogant bullies of the world and as leaders they are despotic. So carefully consider this if you plan on voting for Trump. He is forever threatening to sue anyone who offends him.

Once in power, Trump’s concept of “deal making” would be to bully, alienate and intimidate anyone who didn’t see things his way. He likes topsychopaths tell people they are “stupid,” which is a great way to influence and win friends. Such blatant displays of superiority towards those of different cultures and beliefs would only contribute to more hatred towards the U.S. This is not a character trait we want our President to have, especially when he needs to repair fragile U.S. foreign relations. Diplomacy requires restraint and understanding.

Trump has quickly learned that the more outrageous his remarks, the more he is loved and admired for being politically incorrect. While some may see this as refreshing “tell it like it is” behavior, it is a Trump tactic used to appeal to those disenfranchised and angry citizens who have a need to fight back at an establishment, which has clearly failed them.

Trump’s rallies too often resemble the fervor of a religious revival meeting. His supporters feel he is just like them—that he is genuine. Narcissists are not genuine. They antagonize and take great pleasure in it. Trump is a master at this, much like Hitler stirring up the masses. Narcissists play off people’s emotions and use it to elevate themselves to power. With Trump, it’s not about the money. It’s about POWER. It’s like giving heroin to an addict.

Trump has managed to alienate the good, peaceful, Muslim people of the world along with the Mexicans he wants to kick out as well (an M&M hater). Everything is either/or with him. His foreign policy is all about building powerful walls, fences, and exerting dominance over others, which is more of the same ideology that has already caused a mess in the world.

Rarely does Trump address the true issues the people of this country want solutions for such as better healthcare, higher wages, more jobs, and fixing the economy and decaying infrastructure. Trump never admits when he is wrong or that he might not have all the facts. He often acts without thinking. Shoot now, do damage control later. I have never heard him express true compassion for the oppressed. Unfortunately, he fails all of the above desirable character traits needed in a good leader. With Trump it’s all about “I alone can solve it” or “I am the greatest.” They also call this behavior megalomania. This compilation of “I am the Greatest” hits by Trump, says it all…

Then there’s HILLARY CLINTON. Hillary has a serious trustworthy problem which is a BIG red flag for anyone hoping to become a leader. Recent Bloomberg and Fox News polls both show that 64% of registered voters find her dishonest. On a psychological spectrum she has some clear “avoidant personality” issues, meaning she refuses to address a problem right away, possibly hoping it will go away if she ignores it. She often digs in her heels, refusing to budge on her position of innocence, until the situation starts to blow up in her face and she is forced to confront it (like Benghazi or those emails).

Hillary could more accurately be classified a pathological liar. The internet is filled with video clips of her flip-flopping on issues, or denying she said something only to be followed with a clip of her having said the very thing she denies having said. Either she has an incredibly poor memory (not something we want in a President), or she thinks no one is going to fact check her. During numerous interviews she told of being attacked by sniper fire at a Bosnian airport and having to run for cover. The people with her all dispute her story and the CBS News video of her talking to a child on the tarmac, while she was allegedly under gunfire, is hard to ignore. It simply didn’t happen.

Which makes me wonder, along with many others in the health field, if Hillary’s memory problems are more serious than she’s letting on. Is she hiding post-concussion syndrome from the blood clot and mini-strokes she experienced while Secretary of State? In 15% of the population with this condition, some experience side effects for years afterward. From the emails retrieved from Hillary’s personal server by the FBI, her top aide, Huma Abedin, wrote in an email that Hillary is “often confused.” This is indeed troubling.

It’s probably a good idea that a comprehensive “independent” medical examination be required for all presidential candidates to determine if they are truly mentally and physically fit to run for office. Haven’t we learned anything from the Reagan Alzheimer years when we didn’t know who was actually running the country?

An issue that is even more troubling is that Hillary faces serious charges of violating a provision of the Espionage Act of 1913. The FBI has recently stepped up their investigation, even giving close aides immunity from prosecution for telling them what Hillary is hiding. An indictment may be forthcoming soon. Over 30,000 “personal emails” were erased from a server she kept in her New York house bathroom that was unsecured and administered by someone who didn’t even have basic security clearance. The FBI has found 22 emails in those they retrieved so far that they have classified as TOP SECRET.

While Hillary claims others, like Colin Powell, have also sent State emails through their personal email accounts while in office, the difference is that none of these offenders used their own private unsecured and unencrypted server to send ALL their correspondence. This was the same private server shared by The Clinton Foundation and also Chelsea Clinton.

Even former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden says, “I would lose all respect for scores of intelligence services around the world if they did not have all the access they wanted” to Hillary Clinton’s email server. What was Hillary thinking? While it would be great to finally have a first woman president in office, do we want a candidate who fails to show sound judgment when it comes to protecting our countries secrets? We need someone who not only knows the laws, but obeys them. If they don’t tell the truth, how can we trust them to do what is morally and ethically right?

There’s not much to say about Senator TED CRUZ that hasn’t already been said. He’s widely known as “Lying Ted Cruz,” by his campaign opponents and the media due to the frequency of his telling outright lies. The frequency of his falsehoods is so excessive Politifact actually did a story about 90 random Cruz assertions which were checked and only 6% of his statements were actually TRUE, while only 16% had SOME TRUTH.

Cruz displays sociopathic behavior. A sociopath displays no conscience or guilt. Cruz totally sabotaged Dr. Ben Carson in the early primaries. He spread rumors that Carson was bowing out of the race on the day before the primary, when he clearly wasn’t, and encouraged Carson’s supporters to vote for him instead. It worked. This is really quite deplorable and unethical behavior for anyone.

One of the more egregious claims was when Cruz stated he immediately denounced the Melania Trump attack ads (mailers in Utah) put forth by a Pro-Cruz Super-PAC. No such denouncement, prior to the Utah election, ever took place. Like Hillary, he may count on the fact that those who heard his initial claim will probably never hear the real story. It’s blatant deceit. The fact that he is constantly being called out on his lies and still continues to do it, speaks volumes about his character. A true sociopath doesn’t care about anything but himself. Hence, he also comes into the narcissistic spectrum.

During the 2011 debt ceiling “crisis,” Cruz basically stabbed his own party in the back, bringing government to a grinding halt so he could present himself as a maverick who was willing to stand up to the GOP establishment. It ultimately cost John Boehner his job and left America with the crushing weight of sequestration (across-the-board spending cuts that by virtually all credible estimates have reduced economic growth by a percentage point or two).

Cruz professes to be of the same “let’s build walls and keep them out” mentality as Trump. Sociopaths display no moral responsibility or social conscience towards others. I have often heard people say that there is something unsettling about Cruz which “makes their skin crawl.” On an unconscious level we identify many things about a person before our conscious mind catches up. What do we really know about what hides behind Ted’s annoying smirk?

There are those who have studied Ted’s face, one neurologist in particular, who says it signals “disagreeableness and disgust” and also makes him “uneasy.” While Cruz is obviously a man who does not instill much confidence, people are considering voting for him only because they hate Trump even more. Think carefully if you want to pick this man to be President, even by default. The lesser of two evils can be just as bad as the devil himself.

Last, but not least, there’s Senator BERNIE SANDERS. Bernie may be the oldest candidate of the lot at 74 years of age, but he has more experience in public office than any of his opponents and he’s still going strong. I looked at his character traits and could find nothing pathological that might signal red flags about his being a good leader. Bernie appears to be quite sincere and honest about his passion for “Democratic Socialism” and restoring the working middle class (which has suffered greatly at the hands of the elite 1%). The other candidates don’t seem to care much about this problem.

The term “democratic socialism” is probably what scares a lot of people into thinking Bernie will turn our country into some Communist gulag and any money or property they own will be promptly taken away from them and given to some deadbeat. Not true. The fact that Bernie hasn’t taken any SuperPac money to fund his campaign speaks to his integrity that he can’t be bought by special interest groups. Trump also opted to forgo SuperPac funding, but Trump already has plenty of money and in all likelihood he probably took this route so no one could tell him what to say or do.

Unlike Trump or Bernie, Hillary has taken obscene amounts from Wall Street and the corporate media giants, which is probably why they tend to favor her in all their stories, telling us she will be the next winner despite what the polls may actually show. Sadly, unbiased journalism is pretty much dead in the mainstream media. They still think they can control us by telling us what to think.

It’s true. Bernie DOES scare a lot of people, but mostly Wall Street and the big bankers, which is why they are fighting like hell to make sure he doesn’t win. That alone speaks volumes. If they don’t want him, then he must be good.

Bernie is about income equality, anti-greed, and restoring fairness. If you look up democratic socialism, you will see that Bernie is really talking about “social democracy” where the people have greater control of government along with access to better healthcare, education, and higher living standards. Deep down, isn’t this what the majority of us want? Is this not the more evolved choice?

They did a study of the countries in the world that registered the highest on happiness levels. The top three were Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. These are all countries that have embraced social democracy and made it work!  This is a purer form of Democracy governed by the people’s needs. The U.S. failed to make even the top 10 on the happiness list.

Whomever you choose to vote for, make sure it’s someone who is both ethical and compassionate about government change, not someone who will continue pandering to the corporate oligarchy. Let’s also hope and pray that those voter suppression shenanigans, as played out recently in Arizona, are resolved and the criminals engaged in them pay dearly for robbing the people of their true right to vote. Our future is being played out now and each and everyone of your votes does make a difference. May God Bless America at this time of critical decision.

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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God